Who are CHUNK's clients?

We work alongside some top Fortune 500 clients who give us the stable foundations to aid our rapid expansion plans for the next 24 months.  

Why do your clients choose CHUNK?

We pride ourselves in putting the attention to detail required to run a successful marketing campaign. We ensure our results generate not only volume but high-quality new customer acquisition for all of our brands - this is the main reason we are able to grow so quick.

Why should I choose CHUNK for my next career?

Unlike many other marketing companies, here at CHUNK, our main focus is our team. We develop each and every individual on a one on one basis to ensure each team member gets the required focus to help them develop the correct skills to attack a successful future.

What is required to work at CHUNK?

We provide all required coaching and training from scratch. Whether you have years of experience or no experience at all, so long as you have a great worth ethic and student mentality, we can work alongside you to get you to the level you aspire to be at. 

What are the companies goals?

Within the next 24 months, (not that we are competitive) we have set a goal to open an office in every state of America as well as getting offices opened in Canada. 

What is the vibe like at CHUNK?

We are a fun, vibrant team who have massive ambitions and goals. We create a fun workplace to aid rapid development for each of our team members. We can guarantee you will feel this the moment you walk into our lobby! 

What is the team like at CHUNK?

We have a very diverse team working alongside us to help with our expansion plans. We have people from all over the world twhich creates a super dynamic and very fun working environment. We have trained people from all backgrounds to achieve their goals.

What are the working hours like at CHUNK?

Our main working days for our clients is Monday to Friday, however depending on the client and the campaign we are working on, this may differ and weekend work will be needed. 

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