why our clients choose us

Specializing in Experiential Marketing, the founders of CHUNK. have gathered over 10 years of experience working alongside Fortune 100 and 500 companies perfecting the way they communicate with their current and new potential customers. 

Our award-winning work has been recognised by leading experiential marketing companies across the United Kingdom and the United States of America. We are currently training up a brand new management team to work alongside our clients for 2019. 
Business Meeting
CHUNK. put great value on education and the idea that no matter the level of our Management Team, they must always keep learning. We focus on three main marketing skills within our firm; Selling, Storytelling and Native Platform Mastery. 
Business Meeting
At CHUNK. we develop company brands in order to create a profitable company. To be completely clear, nothing happens until a sale is made. This has nothing to do with production lines or distribution lines but everything to do with the fact that we took communication our of marketing. CHUNK. puts communication back in.